Wallace Falls

4.2 miles and 1200 ft elevation gain ALL ON HER OWN TWO FEET!!! With only minimal complaining. 😉

Wallace Falls includes Lower, Middle, and Upper falls. The lower falls has a picnic area where we stopped for lunch. Lots of people stop here, so don’t expect peace and quiet! We then hiked up to Middle Falls, which is an impressive 260-foot plunge, with smaller cascades below. (We skipped the upper falls, because O was getting tired. That’s the steepest part of the trail, and hopefully something we can come back for next year!)

The falls were beautiful, but with a 4-year-old, the most fun part is usually playing in the water by a stream, or climbing over rocks near the river. (All while keeping a healthy respect for the power of nature, which is essential!)


Twin Falls

How fun that momma’s birthday landed on a Family Day! We went out for breakfast and then headed to Twin Falls in North Bend. There’s nothing like hiking on a weekday — barely anyone on the trails! My little crazies took a dip in the river at the end. It was so cold I’m surprised we didn’t see any chunks of ice float by. Glad Olivia has her daddy to take on chilly adventures. 🙂

Franklin Falls

After recently learning the the term “Nature Deficit Disorder,” and knowing on a totally common sense level that our family doesn’t get outside of the city enough, we decided to make a change and have enacted a new tradition:

Weekly Outdoor Adventures!

Inside a 4-hour radius of Seattle are some of the MOST GORGEOUS places I have ever seen in my life. How have we not taken advantage of this before?!?!

It’s fun to explore and “harness our fitness” as we like to say. And it’s fun to put Olivia’s grit to the test. She has been surprisingly un-whiny and totally on-board with these adventures so far!! Yay!! Though she really loves riding on our backs the most, I think. Can’t blame her, I suppose. 🙂

Our first adventure: Franklin Falls

This hike is pretty crowded on the weekends, but I was prepared for that and we tried hard not to let it get us down. Once we got to the waterfalls, you could totter over rocks to the base of the fall and it drowned out all other noise. Just sitting there in the roar for a few minutes was life-giving.

Also gotta love her “hiking dress.” 😉

First Hike! Snoqualmie Falls


Snoqualmie Falls is one of the shortest, easiest hikes near Seattle. Very little work for a beautiful photo opp. (Note we did not actually get a photo of the falls. Clearly we take it for granted that we live near something so majestic. Other folks do it more justice than we could anyways.)

This was a perfect first hike for our little lady, who obviously knows nothing about hiking and is much more fashionable than functional.

Man, I love her.

Side note — be ready for crowds. And it really is short, so plan to hang out for a bit on the main drag in Snoqualmie. Super cute area!