Cabin in Ashford

Darrick and I have been daydreaming about owning a cabin someday, and thanks to AirBNB, we can test out the experience. We spent the weekend in Ashford, WA, in a cabin right on the Banks of Copper Creek and The Nisqually River.

It was pretty stormy all weekend, but we were able to take a walk along the river on Saturday, and our friends’ oldest kiddo got to cross the river (or maybe the creek?) on fallen trees with her dad — what an adventurer! She was very proud of herself … and the other kids were a mix of jealous and afraid. πŸ™‚

We were deliciously lazy the rest of the time, watching movies, sitting in the hot tub, playing games. The kids stayed up late and got hot chocolate for breakfast. The parents also stayed up late and got wine and scotch (not for breakfast).

It was incredibly restorative. We also found a nice plot of land that looked like it could use it’s own little cabin …

Someday. πŸ™‚

IMG_3175 (1)
You know it’s gonna be good when even the drive out is breathtaking!


Audrey’s amazing adventure!


Of course we got some workouts in ….
Log tosses over the shoulder
Overhead squats …
And single-arm overhead squats πŸ™‚


Trying out the weakest airsoft gun ever made


Never-ending entertainment with these crazies!
Where will be your favorite memory???

Wallace Falls

4.2 miles and 1200 ft elevation gain ALL ON HER OWN TWO FEET!!! With only minimal complaining. πŸ˜‰

Wallace FallsΒ includes Lower, Middle, and Upper falls. The lower falls has a picnic area where we stopped for lunch. Lots of people stop here, so don’t expect peace and quiet! We then hiked up to Middle Falls, which is an impressive 260-foot plunge, with smaller cascades below. (We skipped the upper falls, because O was getting tired. That’s the steepest part of the trail, and hopefully something we can come back for next year!)

The falls were beautiful, but with a 4-year-old, the most fun part is usually playing in the water by a stream, or climbing over rocks near the river. (All while keeping a healthy respect for the power of nature, which is essential!)


Twin Falls

How fun that momma’s birthday landed on a Family Day! We went out for breakfast and then headed to Twin Falls in North Bend. There’s nothing like hiking on a weekday — barely anyone on the trails! My little crazies took a dip in the river at the end. It was so cold I’m surprised we didn’t see any chunks of ice float by. Glad Olivia has her daddy to take on chilly adventures. πŸ™‚

First Camping Trip

Lake Easton State Park

This is exactly the type of camping I used to do with my family as a kid, and I LOVED it! Crowded campground, not too far from home in case of an emergency (i.e., emotional breakdown), and a healthy focus on hot dogs, s’mores, and other epicurean delights.

I mistakingly packed Olivia shorts and t-shirts (you know, CAMPING clothes), which she refused to wear. Her dress was a significantly darker shade by the end of the weekend.

We got to play in the woods and the river, and on our way out, went to the lake to kayak, play in the sand, and have one final picnic in the sun.

SO thankful for these silly, wonderful friends and our mini adventures!