Vashon Island

One of my FAVORITE places in the Pacific Northwest is Vashon Island. On my family’s last full day here, we took a ferry over to enjoy as much as we could in one short afternoon.

First of all, ferries. LOVE THEM. Can’t get enough. A ferry ride is an adventure in and of itself, regardless of where you’re headed.


The last two times we’ve gone to Vashon, our first stop is a little beach we happened upon once. At the time, I think we meant to head to Maury Island (not really an island), but got sidetracked by this beach. Now it’s a favorite place. (I believe it’s called Tramp Harbor, or KVI Beach.) We could (and do!) explore here for hours. Bring an extra set of clothes AND shoes for the kiddos! And maybe even extra socks for yourself. 😉

Besides being a beautiful place to simply sit and be, it’s also fun to tromp around, searching for crabs (there are thousands!), getting squirted by clams (hilarious!), and searching for pretty rocks, shells, and sand dollars.


After getting good and dirty, it was time for lunch. We love grabbing picnic food at the Vashon Thriftway – it’s the best grocery store ever! … Side note: my new favorite thing is rosé in a can. Life. Changing. 😉

We asked the cashier where to have a picnic (I was thinking on the little patch where they host the Vashon Farmer’s Market), but she recommended Ober Park just a block away. It was the perfect picnic and play spot! We had a blast!

After lunch we went to see the bicycle in the tree, and putzed around in some stores.

Thank you, Vashon, for being so lovely. We’ll see you soon. 😉

Jefferson Park

This park is seriously amazing. If you live in Seattle and haven’t been here, you’re missing out!

There is a huge play area with fun, unique things to climb on, spin on, and explore; a sandbox; two super duper FAST slides; a splash pad; a zipline; AND paths for biking, as well as a skate park … where Olivia found a new love of roller derby girls. 😉

You could spend hours here for real.

Gymnastics & Seward Park

It can be hard to get out of the house on rainy days, I KNOW IT.

Today we knew we needed to (can you say grumpy?! … and I’m talking about me, not the kiddo!), so we decided to go to the indoor playground at the Seattle Gymnastics Academy, one of Olivia’s favorite play spots, and a go-to throughout the winter.

Afterwards, still wanting to go on a hike, we went to explore the trails at Seward Park, which I somehow always forget about, or at least “poo poo” it since it’s so close to home and generally crowded.

I am so glad we went because it was beautiful in the fog and the drizzle, we moved our bodies (even if it was partially thanks to Pokémon Go, LOL), and we played and giggled.

Even if it doesn’t fix everything, getting outside is therapeutic. DO IT, even when you don’t feel like it. ❤

Her constant splash of pink gives me joy. 🙂


Much-needed giggles.


Breathe deep.


This stage is perfect for our little performer!

Northwest Trek

We have been itching to go to this place, and Family Wednesday seemed the perfect opportunity!

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is 723 acres total. It has a zoo-like area with bears and felines, an EPIC park, and some other cool stuff, but its primary feature is a tram tour which takes you through a 435-acre free-range area. As you drove along, you searched the area for animals — such anticipation! I’m always worried we’ll be the one ride where you see nothing, but man, we saw a TON of wildlife.

Super super cool experience!!