Papa and Grandma Jane flew in yesterday from Chicago, so today we took them to the Washington Park Arboretum.

We went from the Visitor’s Center, past Duck Bay, through Foster Island, and onto Marsh Island (where we’d actually never been before!). It was a beautiful day, and fun to watch the boats on the water.

(I’m itching to go back this fall to explore the REST of the arboretum and to see the leaves changing.)


We followed up our walk with lunch at University Village, our favorite mall.

Olivia the photographer!


Lime Bike! These things are everywhere in Seattle right now!!!


Love this little one so much.

Malls + Indoor Camping

This time of year gets reeeeaaaalllly hard for me. I feel like Chicago (my home town) has burst into Spring, and we’re still wearing coats and rain gear.

Today we were celebrating a good month financially at the gyms, so we took Olivia to Blue C sushi at University Village Mall. This mall is rad because it’s outdoors, it has fun things for kids to play on, and, of course, I love the stores … even just for window shopping!

Clearly Olivia had a good time. (I love the momma laughing in the background while O gets soaking wet!)

We are also planning a camping trip this year and decided to try out our tent! Yes, inside. I am a total wuss when it comes to the rain. We did make it through the night, though! Indoor camping is fun! It’s also warm, bug free, and full of very nice amenities. I recommend it. 😉