Talus Loop Trail

Talus Loop Trail is connected to Mount Si. I love how many different experiences you can have on one mountain, and one so close to home! And we’ve previously hiked Little Si and Boulder Garden Loop, so this was a fun addition.

So this was my first exercise at all in 3 weeks due to a sciatic nerve flair-up. It’s 3.6 miles and rated “moderate” by All Trails. It may have been a bit steep for my first hiking attempt while still recovering, but OLIVIA did AWESOME. Again, a fairly steep and consistent climb up, and she mentioned feeling tired once or twice, but NEVER whined or complained!!! We were very, very proud parents!

The viewpoint is at what looks like an old rock slide. The path before and after this point was a little narrow with a steep drop off one side. We didn’t feel afraid, but walked much more cautiously. Younger kiddos should definitely be kept close!

Overall we loved this one!! Lots of small rivers along the way; really cool old growth forest; and a gorgeous view about halfway through. There will probably be tons of wildflowers soon, which we only got a glimpse of. But we got blessed with a gorgeous day!!!! Definitely recommended, especially for families and kids who have some previous hiking experience.

Cabin in Ashford

Darrick and I have been daydreaming about owning a cabin someday, and thanks to AirBNB, we can test out the experience. We spent the weekend in Ashford, WA, in a cabin right on the Banks of Copper Creek and The Nisqually River.

It was pretty stormy all weekend, but we were able to take a walk along the river on Saturday, and our friends’ oldest kiddo got to cross the river (or maybe the creek?) on fallen trees with her dad — what an adventurer! She was very proud of herself … and the other kids were a mix of jealous and afraid. πŸ™‚

We were deliciously lazy the rest of the time, watching movies, sitting in the hot tub, playing games. The kids stayed up late and got hot chocolate for breakfast. The parents also stayed up late and got wine and scotch (not for breakfast).

It was incredibly restorative. We also found a nice plot of land that looked like it could use it’s own little cabin …

Someday. πŸ™‚

IMG_3175 (1)
You know it’s gonna be good when even the drive out is breathtaking!


Audrey’s amazing adventure!


Of course we got some workouts in ….
Log tosses over the shoulder
Overhead squats …
And single-arm overhead squats πŸ™‚


Trying out the weakest airsoft gun ever made


Never-ending entertainment with these crazies!
Where will be your favorite memory???

Lodge Lake (snowy!)

We were stoked to try out Lodge Lake, and thought June would be a safe month to avoid mountain snow. Boy, were we wrong! (Newbs, LOL!)

There was so much snow in certain areas that it was hard to stay on the trail. (Luckily we use All Trails and GPS to track our steps and make sure we’re on the right track.) If you’re planning on visiting Lodge Lake early in the summer, be sure to read the most recent trail reviews to see what you’re in for. If we had been better prepared for the snow (with both clothing AND SHOES!), it would have been a much easier hike. We had fun, none-the-less. It was a little like ice skating for Olivia in her smooth sneakers. Whoops!

The early part of the hike takes you over Snoqualmie ski hills, and is just gorgeous. You start to hit snow around Beaver Lake, and since the trail is pretty shady, the snow sticks around for awhile!

Of course our intention was to make it to the lake, but we just weren’t sure how much farther it was, so we turned around midway. (Turns out we were really close, which we found out later. Doh!)

Overall, we love this hike. It’s shady for the hottest parts of the summer, and has beautiful mountain views in the beginning (and end, as it’s an out-and-back). And it’s pretty quiet, so you don’t have to worry about sharing the trail with a ton of people! Bonus!




Okay … lots of snow!!!


Where is the trail?!


Snack break!


Red lollipop lips