Arrington Vineyards

There was a summer music event at Arrington Vineyards while we were in Nashville — the perfect excuse to finally visit! I’d been itching to go since my parents moved to Tennessee.

It was absolutely beautiful. I loved enjoying dusk with my family, my little love, and a glass of wine. We had the 2014 Syrah and it was amazing. (It even impressed my mom, who is the most discerning wine drinker I know!)

While there I got a couple sneaky tips, helpful if you visit during an event: In the main house there’s a bathroom around back that had no line whatsoever (there were about 10 women in line in the tasting room up front!). You can also purchase wine (and do tastings) from the cellar, which was less crowded and therefore lightning fast.

And in hindsight, I wished I were wearing a floor-length summer dress or light linen pants to keep out the bugs.


Horseback Riding

I love seeing Olivia experience so many different things! It will be fun to see which things become passions and life-long loves. Today we had the pleasure of visiting a farm belonging to my parents’ friends in Lebanon, TN. Susie patiently answered all Olivia’s questions, and even let her ride Jo, her enormous horse! Olivia was smitten. I could totally see this girl spending her days tromping around on a farm, exploring and taking care of animals.

Downtown Nashville

Today was BEAUTIFUL and we got to spend the whole day downtown, doing the touristy walk along Broadway, and enjoying the Live on the Green music festival.

Marilyn moment!

They even had a kid’s show! Mr. Steve was fantastic … except he did this thing where he came off stage and asked the kid’s questions. My brave little nugget got out there right in front, but he didn’t have time to talk to everyone (obv), so she got skipped and her little heart was crushed. Learning moment! (She recovered quickly, don’t worry.)

Then there was the wading pool and the fountain. At first, Grammy Jo told her not to get too wet. Bwhahahaha! Not. Happening. Hence me always packing multiple sets of clothes. You just never know with this little one. πŸ˜‰

I wish I could package up the amount of joy bursting from these photos and give it away.


Girls’ Trip to Nashville

Probably most people think I’m crazy, but I LOVE traveling with my kid. I love mini-adventures and really anything that gets us out of the house in general. Not sure if it applies to all kids, but Olivia complains less when she’s in a new place and challenged in some way. So anyways, I was super excited for this trip! So excited, in fact, that I decided to buy us twinsie outfits. (I’d like to take advantage of the years that she actually wants to be like me.)

Despite all my excitement, the trip out was almost comically the most difficult I can remember in years. For some reason, Southwest didn’t have self check-in, so between that and security, it took us over an hour to actually get into the airport. And then we were super jazzed to use the Centurion Lounge, but unfortunately I didn’t have the right card on me to get in. And apparently I have been spoiled with plane rides, so I had high expectations for what would be available in the air — I didn’t pack a ton of snacks, and I didn’t charge all our tech gear, since I am so used to buying snacks and charging on the plane. SW doesn’t offer either of those amenities, so we got real creative on things to do. And we got real hungry. LOL. I felt like the universe was telling me to practice getting over insignificant bumps in the road, and I think I passed — we actually had an awesome time. We colored, we played a kid version of crazy 8’s, I read, Olivia watched a show till the iPad died. Not too shabby. (AND, our trip home was much more smooth since I knew what to expect. Also, SW let’s you check your bags for free. Awe-some!)


Our first day in Nashville, it rained most of the day, but we had one little spot of sunshine so we took advantage of the pool. Mom (that would be me) HATES being cold, so the most I could manage was sitting atop a floating alligator. Luckily the grandparents were totally willing to make the sacrifice necessary to play with our little fish.

This is a good reminder that kids don’t need super fancy vacations or toys to be entertained. Olivia could have played in that pool for three more hours!

It rained again the following day, so we went to the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro. It was RAD! (I will say, the Children’s Museums in the PNW are rad as well. We especially like the one in Tacoma, which I wrote about previously.)

I was impressed by the variety in a relatively small space. We had the entire afternoon, and STILL couldn’t fit everything in in!

Didn’t necessarily picture being in Murfreesboro while on a trip to Nashville, but I’m glad we had an awesome indoor option!