Seattle Waterfront

I’m smooshing together a couple of adventures in this one!

One afternoon the girls took the kiddos to Pike Place Market (of COURSE!). We got to see a flying fish (woot!) and eat gelato. I’d call that a success. And the kids had a ton of fun playing on the Harbor Steps (it’s the little things, really).

On another work day for Darrick and I, everyone else went to the Seattle Aquarium. I love, love, love the aquarium here, however, it was a good adventure for us to skip because it costs an arm and a leg.* Totally worth it if you’re here visiting! The touch tank is rad, and the otters are the cutest things you’ve ever seen in your life. Olivia was also really excited about the “unicorn” fish — which look like grumpy old men to me. 😉

There was more ice cream and some wandering around on the waterfront. Can’t go wrong there, especially on a beautiful Seattle summer day!


“unicorn” fish LOL