Hello! My name is BeckyJo, and this is me and my family:



This blog is an archive of our adventures.

My husband Darrick and I have never really been super outdoorsy people. Darrick is from Federal Way and I am from a suburb of Chicago (Crystal Lake, woot!) and while we spent an average amount of time outdoors as kids, we would have never been described as outdoorsy and maybe only slightly adventurous.

4853_533945427350_5921976_nAs adults, Darrick bartended for a long time and played poker for fun. I was a designer and made art or read for fun. We worked out in gyms or went running. Our idea of “getting out” was to go to a bar (or even a club every once and awhile), and Vegas was our go-to vacation spot. Fun, yes. Outdoorsy, no.

Fast forward some years … Darrick began CrossFit RE out of our garage in the summer of 2012. That fall, we moved into an actual building, and a couple months later had our daughter, Olivia. Darrick may not be adventurous as an outdoorsman, but he is adventurous as an entrepreneur. A few years later, we bought our second location from a good friend (SODO CrossFit — the place where we both started doing CrossFit in the first place!).

At that point (end of 2015), I quit my secure, predictable job as a graphic designer for a University in order to help Darrick run the businesses.

Early days at CrossFit RE’s first location.

Have you ever met people who feel like they were born to do something? Well I don’t feel like I was born to be a business owner OR a mom, two of the primary roles that currently define me. To say it has been a steep learning curve these last 4 years is a severe understatement. I am by nature overly sensitive and consistently in my life have fought self-hate and guilt. The highs and the lows have been extreme, and I’ve struggled to take care of myself — to find a balance.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life and my family. (My immediate family AND my CrossFit family.) I observe Olivia as she plays, grows, and learns, and my heart aches I love her so much. It is overwhelming how grateful I feel for our gym community — the people who see us through every big life event, the people who support and encourage us daily, and the people we most enjoy hanging out with “just because.” These roles may not come naturally to me, but that doesn’t mean they’re the wrong roles. Sometimes we appreciate things more when we have to work really, really hard for them, amiright?

So anyways, after some months working with a therapist and a naturopath doctor, it was mutually decided I should go on an anti-depressant, so I am currently taking a low-dose of Wellbutrin. This was an enormous and terrifying decision for me, but has had an incredibly positive impact. While I hope to be medication-free again at some point, right now it is helping me take steps toward emotional health, which is crucial for me AND my family.

As part of this journey, last summer we decided to spend more time outside. Looking back, it’s incredible how little we took advantage of the INSANE amount of beauty the Pacific Northwest offers. I think I had been on one single hike in my entire decade of living here!

“Carpe diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary.”

IMG_6759We borrowed a backpack to carry Olivia, so she could practice hiking, but also rest when necessary. Our first goal was to create a love of nature in her. Back then, and even sometimes now, she’d prefer to watch TV or “go shopping” rather than hike. Unfortunately for her, she has no choice, but fortunately, she loves it once we’re there. 😉

Most of our adventures take place on Wednesday, our “family day.” (Since we work on Saturdays, and usually Sundays, too, we decided to take one day off each week to spend as a family. Olivia will start kindergarten in the fall of 2018, and I think I will be devastated to lose this day!) The great thing about Wednesdays during the school year is that the trails are so. incredibly. quiet. ahhhhhhhhh.

So that’s where we are currently … Getting outside and exploring as much as possible … Looking for ways to simplify our lives and choose joy and adventure over “stuff.”

Whether or not you can relate to our story, I hope you find inspiration in our adventures, and maybe some tips and ideas if you live in the PNW.