Cougar Mountain – De Leo Wall Trail

Super busy day/week, but we had to get out!!! Found a close, short-ish trail. Olivia was tired … still recovering from 2 late nights of firework watching … so there was some carrying involved.

Cougar Mountain has 35 miles (!) of trails, so there is much exploring that can be done here!

We hiked the De Leo Wall Trail, which is rated “moderate.” The only semi-challenging part was getting out to the viewpoint, and the rest was easy (the kind of trails that are better for running than hiking). We also found that Olivia whines more on easier trails. I think it’s out of boredom. So while we recommend this trail if you need something flat, quick, and close; it’s not one of our favs. (Maybe the other trails are more exciting!)

Side note, when we ventured off to find the viewpoint, it felt a little like we were lost. We weren’t, but beware it might feel a little weird. We had access to a map on our phone, but here’s another map for reference. We saw at least one person come out in the wrong place, so it’s easy to get turned around!


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