Gymnastics & Seward Park

It can be hard to get out of the house on rainy days, I KNOW IT.

Today we knew we needed to (can you say grumpy?! … and I’m talking about me, not the kiddo!), so we decided to go to the indoor playground at the Seattle Gymnastics Academy, one of Olivia’s favorite play spots, and a go-to throughout the winter.

Afterwards, still wanting to go on a hike, we went to explore the trails at Seward Park, which I somehow always forget about, or at least “poo poo” it since it’s so close to home and generally crowded.

I am so glad we went because it was beautiful in the fog and the drizzle, we moved our bodies (even if it was partially thanks to Pokémon Go, LOL), and we played and giggled.

Even if it doesn’t fix everything, getting outside is therapeutic. DO IT, even when you don’t feel like it. ❤

Her constant splash of pink gives me joy. 🙂


Much-needed giggles.


Breathe deep.


This stage is perfect for our little performer!

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