New Tradition: Family Day!

Since mom and dad have to work on Saturdays, we made it a family goal to take Wednesdays off with Olivia once she started preschool. This is our very first family day!

We started at the mall, because we needed to get Olivia’s “inside” shoes for school, and we waited too long even for Amazon Prime. We found a fancy bathroom with a seating area and a HUGE mirror, so Olivia put on a few song and dance shows for momma. (And yes, she made momma take a turn, too. I performed a riveting version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”)



After that we trekked around inside the Arboretum, which is just on the cusp of fall, and so very beautiful. We also visited Duck Bay at the perfect time and were greeted by dozens of very friendly ducks. A few tried to follow us, but didn’t make it past the bridge.

And then Olivia’s Prince Charming ended our day by catching her a very magical-looking lilypad. Thanks, Daddy!!


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