Dash Point

We had a busy weekend with work, a wedding, and flipping the AirBNB, so we had to stay close for this outing. Luckily Washington is FILLED with beaches and parks and as much outdoor beauty as the heart desires.

Yesterday we drove just south of “Ooma and Bobby’s” house to Dash Point where there’s a beach and hiking trails.

We got to the beach while the tide was low and we RAN and dug for clams and built sand castles and ran some more.


Then we snacked.


Then we found a nice little 1.5mile hike… which Olivia walked the entire way UP on her own. It was actually legit. We were proud. And thankful since we didn’t have her backpack for her to ride in. 😉 Even with the dense tress, there was plenty to look at and explore. It’s fun to experience such a variety of natural settings. I think I’ve explored more in the last three Sundays than I have in my last decade here!

And honestly, the hike reminded us of Hawaii. It was peaceful and warm and smelled fresh and earthy. A lovely afternoon getaway. 🙂

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