Naches Peak Loop

Naches Peak Loop begins at Mt. Rainier National Park, which is nearly 2 hours from Seattle. We don’t mind a little driving and this drive was really beautiful.


It’s also a crowded spot on the weekends, but the trail is long enough that you’re in solitude most of the time.

One shocking fun fact: This was Darrick’s FIRST TIME EVER to Mt. Rainier!! Don’t tell him I told you. 😉

This was only my second time after living here for a decade, so I’m not much better. I had previously climbed up to Camp Muir with a friend, which was a pretty snowy hike, so I was hoping for wildflowers on this visit. We didn’t get the big explosion of flowers, but the views were so breathtaking I barely noticed. At one point, I turned the corner and just started crying it was so beautiful. It’s fun to talk to Olivia about how God made all these beautiful things, and she kept saying from my back, “Look at the views, mom!

She also walked about a mile and a half on this one… oh, and she pooped for the first time in the woods! So, dress or no dress, we have an adventurer. 🙂

First of all, the night before, Olivia had an impromptu sleepover with our besties, so we all had a Paleo waffle FEAST for breakfast on Sunday morning. We are so SO thankful for these beautiful friends of ours.



At the trailhead, before you even begin hiking, is Lake Tipsoo, which is gorgeous and fun, and a destination in and of itself! Olivia spent 15 minutes chasing a butterfly before we moved on.



Right as we started our hike, we touched freezing cold mountain water and played in snow!



The rest of the hike was just stunning, every view better than the last. We ended with a picnic back at the lake/parking lot before heading home. The weather couldn’t have been better and we had the most perfect day.



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